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About Mrs. Amber Mangini

Contact Information:

Mrs. Amber Mangini
229-227-1515 (P)

Mrs. Amber Mangini, 5th-8th Grade Science Teacher


Science 5th - 8th Grade

We are so excited to have Mrs. Amber Mangini back again this year! She will be teaching Science for the 5th-8th graders. We look forward to her being a part of the TCS faculty again! Amber shares her bio ...." Born in central Florida, but loving south Georgia. I became a follower of Christ in Middle School and have been living in His abundant grace ever since!  Wife to Doug Mangini and mom of five wonderful children. I received a Bachelor's in Nursing Science from Bob Jone University in 2001 and completed a Medical Missions Certificate in 2003. I am a licensed registered nurse but at this stage of life, all my energy is towards my family, home, and the places the Lord has extended my home towards, like TCS! My teaching experience is related to patient education in the hospital setting, homeschooling my own children for over a decade, teaching at various Co-op, women & children's ministries, and the American Heritage Girls Troop GA1230. In 2020, I started with TCS as a teacher's aid and had the privilege of working with Ashley Beaty and Joanne Allensworth. This year TCS has given me the opportunity to teach Middle School Science. I am grateful to be here! My heart is that the children would grow in their love of God through the study of His amazing creation!"


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