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PLEASE NOTE: The annual tuition must be paid in full even if your child leaves TCS before the end of the school year. 

Registration Deposit:

A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 per child is due upon acceptance for admission to Thomasville Christian School for students who are enrolling and re-enrolling in PreK through 6th grade. This amount will be applied toward tuition; there is no longer a separate Registration Fee.


Tuition Rates:

Tuition covers some but not all of the operating expenses of the school. Fundraisers and donations span the gap needed for operating the school, which are primarily teacher and staff salaries and benefits, as well as other operating costs. The Registration Fee is not an additional charge. The fee will be counted toward the tuition.

The following tuition rates have been established for the 2019-20 school year:


Grade                                     Tuition                        Supply Fee                             Total

Preschool                     $4,800.00 Full Day                  $175.00                              $4975.00

   Ages 3 & 4                $3,800.00 Half Day                  $175.00                              $3975.00


Grade                                     Tuition                Book Fees       Activity Fee            Total

Kindergarten                        $4,800.00                $200.00           $200.00               $5200.00

Grades 1-6                           $5,800.00                $275.00           $200.00              $6275.00

Monarch Online- 7th & 8th    $4,000.00               $100.00            $250.00              $4350.00


Testing/Application Fee:

Families applying for admission to Thomasville Christian School must pay a non-refundable  $25 application processing fee and for students in 1st - 6th a one-time testing fee of  $25 will be required.


Multiple-Student Family Discount:

In an effort to keep tuition more affordable for families with multiple students in the school, a tuition discount is given for families who enroll more than one student in Pre-K through 6th grade in TCS (excluding Book fees, Testing Fees, Supply Fees, and Activity Fees). The family discount rates are as follows:

1st student: Full Tuition

2nd student: $5,510.00 1st – 6th grades (5% discount)

3rd and subsequent student(s): $5220.00 1st – 6th grades (10% discount)


Ministerial Discount:

Full-time Head Pastors serving on a church staff will receive a 25% discount on Tuition. Part-time Pastors or Supportive role Pastors will receive a 10% discount on Tuition.  Book Fees, Testing Fees, and Activity Fees will not be reduced.  No other discounts apply.  The discounted Tuition fee is as follows:

1st through 6th Grade:      Full-time Head Pastor - $4350.00          

                                         Part-time or Supportive Role Pastor: $5,220.00


Pre-K 3's, 4's & Kindergarten:             Full-time Head Pastor: $3,600.00 (Full Day);  $2,850.00 (Half Day)           

                                                            Part-time or Supportive Role Pastor: $4,320.00 (Full Day); $3,420.00 (Half Day)       


Explanation of Supply Fee:

The Supply Fee for the Preschool classroom covers classroom materials, programs, memory books, special events (e.g. Thanksgiving Feast) and will enrich the classroom experience for the student. This fee will not be discounted and is separate from tuition and due by the first week in July.


Explanation of Book Fees:

Book Fees cover the cost of textbooks, curriculum guides, teacher editions, and classroom items. Textbooks remain the property of Thomasville Christian School.  If a student loses a book or damages it beyond use, the parent is responsible to pay the replacement cost.

Book Fee is separate from tuition and is due by the first week in July.


Explanation of Activity Fee:

The Activity Fee covers all field trip fees, programs, special meals (e.g. Thanksgiving Feast) for the student and is separate from tuition. This Fee will not be discounted but may be paid over the course of the school year, according to the Monthly Payment Option.


Tuition Payment Options:

Tuition may be paid using either of the following options:

  1. Annual Payment Option: A single payment of total tuition for the year is due in the Thomasville Christian School office by August 1st..
  1. Monthly Payment Option

Ten payments (August-May) will be automatically withdrawn from either a checking or savings account by electronic withdrawal. The payment will be withdrawn on either the 5th or the 20th of each month, with the date selected by the family. An authorization for electronic withdrawal form must be completed for families who select the monthly payment plan. The authorization form should have a voided check (checking account) or a savings account deposit slip attached. Whenever a change of bank or bank account occurs, the school office must be notified and a new authorization form completed.


Insufficient Funds Fee:

There will be an Insufficient Funds Fee of $20.00 assessed each time an electronic withdrawal is attempted and there are not sufficient funds available. This fee will be assessed (you will receive an insufficient funds notice from your bank as well) and collected by electronic withdrawal along with the missed tuition payment on the next scheduled withdrawal date (5th or 20th of next month). For example, if a payment was due on the 5th and insufficient funds were available to make the withdrawal, then a $20 fee, plus a double tuition payment would be withdrawn on the 5th of the following month (the next scheduled withdrawal date) to bring payments up to schedule.

Thomasville Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin,
particularly in regard to employment and student admission policies, procedures, and practices.